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Valerie Boucher

Writing, Editing and Strategy

Let's Tell Your Story.

Every organization comes with a backstory as original as the people who created it.
That story is part of what makes your work so great, but it only gets you the results you want if the right people resonate with it.
​The work you're doing might be complicated, but your message shouldn't be.


My content strategy, writing and editing services will help you engage with and address the needs of your intended audience. I'll ask the questions needed to get ideas from
in your head to in front of your audience, and support all the writing, editing,
proofreading and reviews along the way. 

My experience includes writing SEO-friendly web copy, blogs, briefing notes, op-eds, interviews, proposals, course content, articles, profiles and e-books for organizations across various industries. I'll create compelling content that reflects your unique voice and resonates with your audience while staying aligned with your mission. 

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Writing Services

Marketing Copy That Gets Their Attention

Stand out with compelling SEO-friendly copy for web, ads and social media. I also write ready-to-publish blogs, articles, newsletters, training content and other documents for both internal and public-facing use. I edit and provide feedback on existing drafts.

Media Content That Informs and Inspires

I write articles, op-eds, profile and reviews, along with internal documents like show notes and scripts.
This process includes conducting research and interviews, drafting, editing and proofreading publication-ready content to help spread awareness. 

A Content Strategy Your Audience Will Respond To 

Is your audience responding to what you've been saying? I'll meet with you to get to know your audience, goals, current approach and industry landscape then evaluate what message and content will help you have the most impact.

About Valerie

I help organizations reach their audiences and inspire action through compelling content. I have a background in communications, sales and public relations that I combine with a love for learning new things and writing. 


I'm curious by nature. I love to ask questions and analyze how things work and how they could work better. I use this curiosity to learn more about organizations and figure out the best way to represent them and resonate with audiences.

I've collaborated with diverse teams across industries including tech, culture, health, entertainment and the public sector, helping them craft and amplify their message. I've gained insight working with a mix of entrepreneurs, established organizations, and branding and government relations agencies. I'm passionate about tech, travel, music, community and culture.



I'd love to learn your story and work with you to help tell it.

Reach out to schedule a call and talk about your projects:

Ottawa, Canada

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